What's A Wellness Powder?

An all-in-one nourishing solution, Kura Wellness Powders are formulated to deliver everything you need & nothing that you don’t. With uncompromised taste & effortless ease, you’ll get a happy helping of clean protein, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.

Why choose a Wellness Powder?

Kura Wellness Powders boast ethically sourced, nourishing ingredients. Born from a small family of New Zealand-raised farmers, Kura Wellness Powders reflect the no-nonsense, ground to market food chain that has made New Zealand a leader in clean, sustainably sourced products.


BROAD SPECTRUM AMINO ACIDS Our wholesome blend of carefully sourced, North American Pea, Pumpkin & German Sunflower Seed protein delivers a broad spectrum of 18 amino acids, along with naturally occurring minerals like magnesium & zinc.
UNTAINTED NOURISHMENT State-of-the-art, chemical solvent-free extraction process keeps our proteins safe from light, heat & harmful oxidation.
RICH IN PLANT BASED ANTIOXIDANTS New Zealand’s intense sunlight forces superfoods like Kura’s sustainably sourced sauvignon blanc & pinot noir grape seeds, black currant, boysenberry & kiwifruit skin extracts, to work overtime & build up protection from the sun. The result is a superfood with higher levels of antioxidant activity compared to other antioxidant-rich foods like acai berries.  
PURPOSEFUL FORMULATION Each ingredient of our Wellness Powders has a purpose. Tried & true probiotics, supported by carefully sourced acacia prebiotic fiber positively influences the digestion & utilization of Kura’s clean protein. With 23 vitamins & minerals for good measure, each scoop of Kura Wellness Powder is a simple, wholesome way to support healthy lifestyle goals.
ETHICAL ANIMAL WELFARE New Zealand is recognized as a world leader in animal welfare by The Animal Protection Index & is the home of strict federal legislation protecting all animals. In New Zealand, our cows can roam free within the paddock and have the freedoms to express normal behaviors.  We believe that well-cared for cows produce better quality milk, the source of Kura’s New Zealand Dairy Protein Blend.
UNTAINTED NOURISHMENT Grass is a natural food source for cows, & New Zealand is an ideal place to grow it. Pasture-based farming flourishes in our fertile soil and temperate climate.
BEST-IN-CLASS Kura New Zealand Dairy Protein Blend combines milk protein & whey protein concentrate with whole milk powder. A low-temperature ultra-filtration & advanced spray-drying process deliver dairy proteins along with naturally occurring nutrients.
PURPOSEFUL FORMULATION Each ingredient of our Wellness Powder is there for a reason. Along with the cleanest protein in the world, we have included tried & true probiotic strains as well as carefully sourced acacia prebiotic fiber to prep your gut for nutrient absorption, so you can get the absolute most out of our protein, 23 vitamins & minerals & antioxidants.

How do I use it?

Versatility is key & we knew you needed more than just a shake or smoothie powder. Shake it, bake it, blend it or freeze it, Kura Wellness Powders are the perfect base ingredient for almost every goody in your life. In a rush? Just shake with water. Need to satiate a craving? Hello protein cookies! Wanna get creative? Totally possible.

How does it make me feel?

Kura Wellness Powders help you tackle that hike, push through 2PM brain fog & own your adventure.
Your rise & grind secret weapon. Kura Wellness Powders are a protein-packed way to start your day with probiotics, prebiotics & 23 vitamins & minerals. 
Hair, skin, nails & eyes are all made of protein, Kura Wellness Powder nourishes luscious locks, strong nails & vibrant skin. The cherry on top of a healthy lifestyle, you deserve it.
When your digestion is flowing, everything seems right in the world. With prebiotics & probiotics in every serving, Kura Wellness Powders support healthy digestion & nutrient absorption.
Your strength has gotten you this far in life; we intend to take you a step further. Broad spectrum amino acids in protein are the building blocks of muscle, cartilage & bone. Push harder, run farther & explore longer with Kura Wellness Powder, a nourishing protein packed solution that supports muscle recovery & long-term muscular health.  
Sassy coworkers, stuck in traffic, or just having a plain difficult day? Get ready for your “ahhhh” moment. Enjoy Kura Wellness Powder knowing that you finally did something for YOU. We strive to keep you centered & hope our little bit of goodness goes a long way.

Where do I use it?

Whether you’re heading to the mountains or the waves, grab Kura Wellness Powder travel packets to help you #ownyouradventure & ensure peak performance.
Hitting a wall? Give 2pm brain fog the stiff-arm with a serving of soul centering Wellness Powder. Keep a 12-serve canister on deck just in case.
From lazy Sundays to post-adventure couch hangs, add a scoop  of Kura Wellness Powder to your smoothie bowls, protein muffins or energy bites for added nourishment.
Running out of time for yourself? Don’t skimp on your wellness routine, Kura Wellness Powder travel packets make it easy to get nourished without slowing down.

What they’re saying…


I LOVE this protein. I think one of the things I love the most is that it pairs so well with minimal other ingredients. I rely a lot on protein shakes after intense workouts but feel like a lot of products out there make consumers feel the need to throw in a ton of other ingredients to distort the taste (milk, yogurt, fruit, PB, etc) ultimately, defeating the purpose of using the shake as a recovery supplement as opposed to a drink with tons and tons of unnecessary additional calories. I find that this protein is so good practically on its own and I try to promote it as often as I can to friends and clients at the gym. 

Josephine  l  SUPER POWDER!

I add it to my coffee to help me keep my weight stable. Easy on fragile tummies! And tastes like a treat!

keir  l  LOVE

I can't say enough about this protein powder! It is absolutely delicious with vanilla almond milk, a banana, chia seeds & coconut flakes - the chai flavor adds that little spice to my morning smoothie. As a vegetarian, I appreciate the thought that went into creating this nutritious masterpiece. 

Ready to start your wellness revolution?