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Plant Based Vegan Protein Benefits

Hey, vegans, we didn’t forget about you! We know that you need protein to fuel your active lifestyle & it can be hard to find. Our plant based protein is a blend of organic Canadian sourced pea, oat & organic sunflower protein. Vegan certified, GMO & gluten free - now that’s what we like to call flower power. With each serving you get:

15g of Vegan Certified Pea, Sunflower & Oat protein

Remember what we said about flower power?

New Zealand Superfoods 

Kura contains the antioxidant support of New Zealand produce to promote healthy skin, body weight, heart & brain. All of the important things. Experience the goodness of fruit extracts from pesticide-free sauvignon blanc grape seed, pinot noir red grape skin, black currant, boysenberry & kiwifruit skin. Water-only extraction methods ensure maximum nutrient value.

5g of Special Acacia Gum Prebiotic Fiber

Better fiber means better health. Naturally gentle, it’s lighter on your system and highly digestible. Probiotics balance intestinal flora, may improve gut comfort & help feed beneficial gut flora.

2 billion CFU Probiotics* 

Who has time to be sick? That’s what we thought. Power through your day while supporting digestion & building your immunity.

*At time of manufacturing