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Grass Fed Dairy Protein Benefits

Goodness in is goodness out. All of our dairy protein is sourced from cows that graze on the clean, green & pristine pastures of New Zealand. That’s a happy cow promise. Along with being hormone, GMO and gluten free, with each serving you get:

18g of New Zealand Grass Fed Dairy Protein 
Let’s be clear, these cows are free - range grazing 365 days a year. Grass fed protein has been shown to have higher levels of omega-3s & CLA (Conjugated Linoleum Acid) than grain fed dairy protein. CLAs help keep your immune system kicking, balance inflammation, maintain healthy blood sugar & increase lean body mass. What’s not to love?
500mg of Vegetation sourced Omega 3s 
Supports brain, eye, heart & skin health.
4 billion CFU Probiotics* 
May support healthy digestion
*At time of manufacturing 
25 Vitamins & Minerals 
Shown to increase energy & help support bone, hair, skin, nail, heart & brain health. We want you looking your best inside and out.
Antioxidant support of Beta-carotene, Vitamins C, E & Selenium 
Helps your body kick butt & combat free-radicals.