Our Story

You’ll find our purpose in the shadow of evergreen mountains & the sunsets we tenderly watch from the seaside. We’re here to keep you healthy, so you can get out there & find yours.     

Born from a family of New Zealand-raised farmers, our flagship Wellness Powders are designed to deliver a wholesome, simple approach to nutrition. Our nature-first ethos drives how we source our ingredients, eat & live—we're here to share the goodness of our roots with the world. From our one-on-one relationships with our pasture raised cows to our solvent & chemical-free approach to extracting plant protein, we harvest each nourishing ingredient the way nature intended. You can trust that all our products provide uncompromised nutrition that can be enjoyed at home or just as easily in the backcountry.  

We continue to carry the torch from New Zealand, finding our headquarters & home in Manchester, New Hampshire. There was an instant kinship with New Hampshire, where the people tell it like it is, support their local communities & are often found in the mountains. From our office environment to our supply chain, we try to lessen impact whenever & wherever we can. As we continue to grow, our goal is to leave it better than we found it for the next generation. 

Our small but nimble team of eight resides in New Hampshire. Every single one of us finds nirvana in Mother Nature, from shredding pow in Maine to ice climbing in New Hampshire & beach loungin' everywhere in between. Kura helps us own our adventures, so whether it be hiking that mountain or navigating that concrete jungle, we intend to help you own yours.