Sourcing Matters: The Importance of Prebiotic Fiber in Your Diet

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 The Sourcing Matters Series highlights and explains the ethical sourcing and benefits of each Kura ingredient. We believe transparency is key in changing the food industry, so we promise to #ownourroots every day.

For our bodies to function at full tilt, we must pay attention to seemingly miniscule parts of our diet. One of these elusive ingredients is prebiotic fiber. We’ve all heard of probiotics, but prebiotics can elicit a question mark. While probiotics are important for gut and overall immune health, prebiotics help probiotic colonies flourish and do their job.

Our VP of Sales, Jen, puts it like this, “Pairing prebiotics with probiotics is the equivalent of sending probiotics into your body with a bagged lunch to keep them full and functioning.” Cute, right? That’s precisely why we’ve paired 5g of acacia prebiotic fiber with 2b CFUs probiotics in our Plant Based Vegan & New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powders.


Not all prebiotic fibers are made equal, some can seriously hurt your stomach and send you into gas/diarrhea hell. Nobody's got time for that, so we made sure to choose the right prebiotic fiber. Our acacia prebiotic fiber is carefully sourced from acacia Senegal trees in Saharan Africa. This fiber offers a variety of benefits that will surely make you smile:

  • No flatulence or stomach bloating. Acacia fiber does not have high water retention, so it can float through your intestines without stirring up trouble. Lots of prebiotics on the market can cause almost instantaneous bloat, gas and stomach pain because they have low-gut tolerance. This means they push excessive amounts of water out of your intestines, creating diarrhea and gas. Kura’s prebiotic fiber has high-gut tolerance, so you get all the health benefits without the unruly side effects.
  • Helps your body work harder. Your intestinal flora and fauna can become disturbed when dealing with bouts of stress, antibiotic therapy or infection. Prebiotic fiber in your diet is like having a good guy rooting for your healthy bacteria – it will help the good bacteria flourish and stand up to fight internal battles.
  • Makes our Wellness Powders extra smooth. Not to toot our own horn, but one of Kura’s biggest differences is the smoothness of our powder when mixed into a drink. That’s because acacia prebiotic fiber improves the overall mouthfeel and texture of our Plant Based Vegan and New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powders. 
  • Carefully selected for sustainability and ethics. As if this prebiotic fiber couldn’t get any better, it’s also an important source of income for developing African countries and is harvested without chemicals, solvents or hurting the environment. Acacia fiber is harvested by making a small cut into the bark of an acacia Senegal tree, which allows the gum-like resin to seep out. The sap is hand-harvested, dried and ground into a powder. According to the United Nations, acacia prebiotic fiber is a “promising commodity for producing countries due to its potential to generate foreign exchange, promote sustainable agriculture and forestry, ensure food security and combat desertification and climate change.”

So, don’t forget to pack your probiotics lunch! Include our ethically sourced Wellness Powders into your daily routine knowing you’re doing something for YOU. Have any additional questions on our sourcing or benefits? Give us a shout and be sure to stay tuned for more posts in our Sourcing Matters Series.

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