Sourcing Matters: Our Thoughtful Plant Based Protein Blend

 The Sourcing Matters Series highlights and explains the ethical sourcing and benefits of each Kura ingredient. We believe transparency is key in changing the food industry, so we promise to #ownourroots every day.

Our plant based vegan protein is a unique blend of North American-sourced sunflower, pea and pumpkin protein, delivering a complete amino acid profile. This is important, as your body needs 20 different amino acids to form a protein. Nine of these 20 are not produced by your body and must be consumed, and you can find them in our Plant Based Vegan Wellness Powder

Kura’s certified organic, non-GMO pea protein is extracted using only water and a mechanical process to remove most of the starch and fiber content, leaving the concentrated, chemical-free, plant protein powder behind.  No solvents are ever used! Our North American-grown peas have the most complete amino acid profile and the lowest sodium content of any pea protein in the market. 

Kura’s gluten-free, non-GMO pumpkin protein is rich in dietary-indispensable amino acids, including the desirable branched chain amino acids that are important for muscle growth and muscle recovery. In addition to high protein content, our North American-sourced pumpkin protein is extracted carefully ensuring nutrients are protected from light, heat and harmful oxidation. 

Kura's certified organic, non-GMO sunflower protein is sourced from  carefully processed sunflower seeds  to concentrate the valuable protein. It contains essential amino acids, b-vitamins, valuable polyphenols and is rich in fiber. Like our pea & pumpkin protein, we extract our sunflower protein without the use of chemicals or solvents. Using a special cold pressing process, the peeled organic sunflower seeds are finely ground and CO2-extracted to reduce the amount of fat and increase protein content. 

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