Sourcing Matters: Our Philosophy

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 The Sourcing Matters Series highlights & explains the ethical sourcing & benefits of each Kura ingredient. We believe transparency is key in changing the food industry, so we promise to #ownourroots every day

Our ‘Do No Harm’ philosophy is what makes me proud to be part of the Kura Tribe. It permeates everything we do and explains our small team’s mutual love of nature, good vibes and wellness. When we say Kura is ‘New Zealand born,’ it’s more than semantics—it's our bedrock. The indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maori, are irrevocably tethered to nature. They firmly believe that humans are not superior to nature, and that we only reach our fullest potential when we find oneness with the land and sea.

This belief system is deeply ingrained in New Zealand’s present-day culture, which explains the untainted purity, respect for nature, and holistic caring for farm animals that we cherish today. Nature is our normal, so when we went into business, we knew we couldn’t have it any other way. It has impacted how we source our ingredients, how we formulate our Wellness Powders and the role we play in our global and local community.


Each ingredient in both our Plant Based Vegan and Pasture Raised Dairy Wellness Powders is sourced ethically and mindfully. We think nature got it right the first time, so we don't manipulate or over-manufacture ingredients, which is why our Wellness Powders are non-GMO, preservative, stevia, additive & gluten-free. Our cows are pasture raised, our plant protein is carefully extracted without the use of chemicals or solvents and we support developing communities with the sourcing of our acacia prebiotic fiber. Along with our mindful sourcing practices, we try to lessen environmental impact where we can throughout our supply chain and in our New Hampshire headquarters. All ingredients are flown to the United States before the blending process begins to lessen weight during shipments, in turn lessening carbon emissions. Our office is lovingly decorated with second-hand furniture, a kitchen stocked with reusables, and of course, all green-cleaning products.


Our Do No Harm philosophy also applies to how our products affect your body. We ensure that you are getting balanced, wholesome nutrition without the scary stuff. When it comes to our Pasture Raised Dairy Wellness Powder, we chose to keep our dairy protein a mix of milk protein concentrate, whole milk powder, and whey protein concentrate. We decided to remove whey protein isolate for a few reasons:

By not stripping our protein of healthy fats, we are providing you with protein higher in CLAs, omega-3s, & a variety of important vitamins and minerals. In addition to these, we’ve added in 25 vitamins and minerals that are important for overall wellness—including Vitamin B12, Beta Carotene, and Vitamin E. We do not include 100% of your required daily intake, and we do this on purpose. We expect that you are eating other nutritious foods throughout the day, and that taking an excessive amount—or “mega-dosing”— of vitamins and minerals every day for a sustained period can be adverse for your health. 


Our team strongly believes that business can be used as a force for good. We have prioritized partnering with environmental organizations to make the world a better place for future generations. Planting trees, carbon offsets and volunteer work are some of the ways we’ve started to lend a helping hand. As the Kura Tribe grows, we will only continue to expand our philanthropic reach.

Have any questions about our Do No Harm philosophy? Send us your questions and comments, and be sure to stay tuned to our Sourcing Matters Series for more behind-the-scenes scoop!

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