Slay Your Wellness Routine

photo: wandering Stephanie

At first glance, I saw Kura as a protein powder – but it’s sooo much more than that. I quickly started to realize that my daily dose of Wellness Powder is a butt kicking wellness weapon. Whether you’re just getting started or Wellness Powder is already your holy grail, here are some tips for integrating Wellness Powder into the grind. 


It’s about 2PM, you’ve already had lunch and you’re sitting at your desk. Most of the office has powered through their work and it’s starting to quiet down…maybe too quiet…


What is this unearthly sound, you ask? Is it a monster bellowing from its hellish dark abyss?

No girlfriend – that’s your stomach, growling for all to hear. This has happened to me more times than I care to admit and it’s an immediate alarm that I need a snack. I keep a travel packet of Wellness Powder on my desk for this precise reason (that’s how often it happens). Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals help with stamina and brain function, which helps me power through my afternoon emails while also quelling the beast within. It even gets me ready for my post-work gym routine. If you’re like me and exercise after work, make sure to have the recommended 15-20g of protein before heading to the gym. It makes a major difference in performance. Lucky for you, Kura's New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powder clocks in at 18g a serving and our Plant Based Vegan Wellness Powder delivers 15g a serving.  Say goodbye to your 2PM stomach demon and hello to end-of-day motivation.


This past spring I decided to put myself out there and go on my first solo-backpacking trip. I’m not going to lie, I was NERVOUS. Logistics and equipment aside, one of the most important pieces of the trip was obvious…what the f*@$ was I going to eat?! I don’t know about you, but if I’m not full, I’m not me. Whatever I brought had to be light, fit in my backpack and, of course, be filling. Ding ding ding – Wellness Powder travel packets! These guys took up virtually little to no space in my pack and gave me the kick of energy I needed every morning before my hike.  Most importantly, Wellness Powder tastes delicious with plain ol' water – it can be tough finding almond milk 10-miles deep in the woods.


Food, ahhh, sweet, sweet food. Whether it’s a cheat day or a cheese board and wine on a roof deck in Spain, it has a certain je ne sais quois.

You know what doesn’t have a je ne sais quois? When all that cheese you ate has clogged up your pipes and left you unable to carry out basic bodily functions. That’s right, all that Spanish cheese has made you constipated.

This honestly might be one of my favorite use cases for Wellness Powder. It keeps you regular! Packed with prebiotic fiber and probiotics, it’s Drano for your weekend choices.

Hope that this give you all a few new ideas! When do you enjoy your Wellness Powder?

Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copy Director

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