Hungry On The Trail? Adventure Fuel Just Got Easy

photo: The Kura Tribe Copy Director, Dina

The most difficult part of an adventure is bringing the right fuel to help you reach your summit, lake, meadow, what have you. It’s tough finding nutritious snacks that can tide you over out and back. Search no longer, you just found your new travel buddy, and here’s why:

1. Your camp kitchen consists of a spork and a water bottle.

Same. Not all of us are a master chef of camping meals, and for that, I have a simple solution. At minimum, Kura's Plant Based Vegan or New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powder only requires water, a scoop and a water bottle (the Kura signature shaker is lightweight and pack-friendly, perfect for mixing on the go). Which brings me to our next point…

2. Because choking down that granola bar after a long hike makes you want to cry

You’ve just bagged that peak, you’re taking in the view and the adrenaline that has been staving off your hunger is obsolete. You look forlornly into the bottom of your pack for the dry, crumbly hot mess of granola bar that awaits you, pregnant with sugar and broken dreams. Fear not! There is also a Wellness Powder single-serve travel packet – no chalk or grit, use your Kura signature shaker and mix with just water for a delicious, silky-smooth taste that goes down easy.

3. Your failed quest for sugarless protein makes you want to riot at the grocery store.

Before a long camping trip or hike, I find myself feverishly flipping over nutrition bars in the grocery store, trying not to lose my shit. The leading nutrition bar on the market has 22g of sugar, 230-270 calories and 9-11g of protein. There aren’t a lot of wholesome options for the adventurer these days that cover vitamins, minerals, omega-3s, antioxidants, probiotics, prebiotics AND protein without sugar. Excuse me while I stand on my soapbox, but Wellness Powder delivers vitamins, minerals, omega-3s, antioxidants, probiotics, prebiotics AND 15-18g of protein, is only 130-160 calories and 4-6g of naturally occurring sugar. Venture no longer, lost wellness wanderer, your journey is complete.

4. You’d rather give your left pinky finger than see a cow suffer.

Us too. Our New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powder comes from cows that frolic in pastures and live the good life. Enjoy Wellness Powder knowing that all our furry friends are treated the way nature intended. Get the deats on our cows here

5. Staying consistent with anything in life is tough, Wellness Powder makes it easy

I started off only using Wellness Powder when I was hiking or backpacking. It gave me that extra punch of energy when I needed it most, but also kept me feeling full for hours. Then I had a major duh moment – if Wellness Powder makes me perform better when climbing, hiking and backpacking, why not just have it every day? Surprise, surprise – a serving of Wellness Powder a day helps power my training at the climbing gym, crush my days at the crag and eliminates brain fog while working. Now I can’t imagine a day without it.

Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copy Director

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