Give Your Backyard a DIY Makeover on a Budget

photo:  @heather_roams

Summertime is for lime-spritzed drinks, charcuterie boards, and nights of laughter with your best buds. But where to host these festive gatherings? Your backyard, of course! You can take your backyard or deck space from blah to Morrocan-goddess-dreamland in no time at all, and without tapping into your summer-adventure fund. Put your work pants on and get started with these easy fixes:

String lights for the win.

You can drastically change the look and feel of your backyard simply by hanging outdoor string lights.  There's nothing like a 9pm glass of vino under the night sky with perfectly placed baubles all around—we're talking serious French bistro vibes. There's a set of lights for every budget, find yours here. 

Plants, plants, plants.

 The Kura Tribe is really just a bunch of crazy plant ladies, so obviously we had to include this tip. But, real talk, just a few plants on your deck or in your backyard can make it effortlessly beautiful. Not only is this an easy fix, you'll soon feel your inner-landscaper bloom and never want to stop! The options are endless—from planters, to ferns in woven baskets and veggie gardens—you can make your space not only gorgeous, but functional. Make a day out of this DIY makeover, and don't forget to refuel with a healthy snack!

Take a seat.

You got your plants and lights in place, you're almost at the finish line! The next two pieces of your DIY makeover are all about function. When it comes to seating in your space, this totally depends on your personal style. For example, you could go for cushy floor seating (I seriously cannot get enough Moroccan style in my life), or you could get multi-functional benches with accompanying storage. You can really get creative here, and even incorporate a hammock or hanging seating  to add dimension to your space. If your a craft wizard, you can take a stab at a true seating DIY, and make them from scratch. Do what works for you, but make sure you have the foundation for a comfy hangout area. 

Be bold. 

For that final pop of personality in your outdoor space, use bold prints on either pillows or rugs. Personally, I think pillows are the way to go as you can easily store them in your multi-functional benches if you get a rainstorm. Think macrame or texture. You'll be loving the cozy comfort they add to your space.

Once complete, grab your favorite Wellness Powder, sit back, and marvel in the splendor of what is now YOURS. Oh, and enjoy the extra money that's still in your pocket from a budgeted makeover well done.

Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copywriter

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