5 Road Trip Essentials You Forgot To Pack

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You're cruising along, your friend is taking selfies in the passenger seat, windows are down, and your Spotify driving playlist is blasting some deep cuts from Fleetwood Mac. Your road trip is going absolutely swimmingly, and then it hits. A chill trickles down your spine as you realize with sheer horror that...you've FORGOTTEN something. As you rushed to leave earlier that morning, you didn't bother passing through a checklist of essentials—you knew you had everything! Say it ain't so, but it's too late to turn around and right your wrong. 

Realistically, you're gonna survive, but there are a few things you simply shouldn't start a road trip without. And for that, we've built you a checklist of five essentials you probably forgot to pack:

1.) Save the eye roll...bring a map. 

If you're on a six hour drive outside of civilization, chances are you're going to lose service at some point. Google Maps is life but you can't solely rely on it. Have a good, old-fashioned map on hand just in case you drive into a dead zone or your phone dies (remember a charger!) and need guidance. 10/10 a smart choice. 

2.) Your Kura Plant Based Vegan or New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powder

The only thing that can ruin the high of a road trip well done is junk food. For reasons that escape me, gas station donuts and salt and vinegar chips can seriously do you dirty. On a long drive, it's easy to lose yourself in mindless, unhealthy snacking. Stave off your hunger and fuel your body the right way with a serving of our Plant Based Vegan or New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powders. Check out our vegan Plant Powered Goddess Bundle or vegetarian Smoothie Queen Bundle  which include all our flavors, our road-trip friendly Kura shaker, and our signature tote to bring it all along on your road trip. With protein, probiotics, prebiotic fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, you'll be reaping all the wellness benefits one sip at a time. Simply mix your Wellness Powder with water in your Kura shaker and enjoy!

3.) In times of darkness, have a trusty headlamp.

Our smartphones are the modern day go-go gadget—we use them for directions, texting, and even as flashlights. You might think that a smartphone flashlight will suffice as backup on your road trip for any night driving you encounter. But what if you pop a tire at night and need to change it, or you need your hands to dig deep for something in the trunk of your car? The smartphone flashlight just isn't gonna cut it. Make it easy for yourself and invest in a basic headlamp, this is a good place to start. 

4.) An easy-sip water bottle.

Ever tried to drink out of a large-mouth water bottle while driving? From avoiding bumps in the road to maintaining the same speed while you sip, it's truly an art. After a few hours of this, that shit gets annoying. Hydration is key, so make sure you pack a water bottle that's road-trip friendly. Like we mentioned above, the Kura shaker is great for road trips and can easily be used before or after you enjoy your Wellness Powder. 

5.) Breath mints for the inevitable road trip cotton mouth.

Even if you're drinking water and snacking on Wellness Powder throughout your drive, road trip cotton mouth is unavoidable. It creeps up on you, and when it hits, you better make sure you have gum or a breath mint. This is one of the easiest items to forget because you underestimate the importance and figure, 'Whatever, it'll be fine.' Then the bad taste and dryness set in, and you're 50 miles from the nearest gas station...don't let this happen to you, have your minty friends on deck. 

This isn't an exhaustive list of all the important things you need to road trip successfully, but these are some of the easiest to overlook. So next time you hit the road, scan your checklist, make sure you've got the goods, and ride on!

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