3 Ways To Spice Up Your Weekend

photo: Adventure & Lifestyle Photographer @dani_the_explorer 

Sometimes the weekend sneaks up on us before we’ve had time to make plans. We all fall victim to balancing the desire to explore with the need for down time, it looks a little something like this:

After an exhausting work week, you’re simply too tired to do anything Friday night. You drink a glass of vino and shamelessly go to bed at 11pm. But when you wake up fresh on Saturday, you start thinking, “What now….?”

It’s time to harness your inner Weekend Warrior. It’s time to seize the goddamn day. Whether you get your booty out the door Friday night after work, or only have Saturday and Sunday to explore, these three plug-and-play adventures have got you covered:

1.) Find your national or state park.

I'm gonna need you to stop mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed, looking at Carol's comments, and look at something worth your precious time...your local national or state park. Regardless of where you live, you most likely have some sort of recreational area nearby. Simply find your park, put it in your GPS, and go reap the bountiful benefits of nature. Whether you're just going for a stroll or actually going to tackle a serious hike,  you'll walk away soothed, recharged, and with a well-spent weekend. 

 2.) Yelp and hit the road, Jack. 

Exploring is not synonymous with a demanding physical activity, it can be done from the comfort of your trusty old car and with a simple Yelp search. There's a reason why old timey folks went on Sunday drives—the wind in your hair, discovering new places, impromptu conversations with strangers at the stops along the way—it's down right liberating.  Nowadays, you have the added benefit of leveraging Yelp to find the hidden gems—restaurants, activities, museums—along the way. It's empowering knowing that you are in control of where you're going, and you could go anywhere. So next Saturday when you have nothing to do, grab some healthy snacks (the Kura Tribe's got you on the foods), and hit the road. 

3.) Like, totally zen out, man

If you want to walk away from your weekend reinvigorated and grateful for life, I have three words for you—DISCONNECT FROM TECHNOLOGY. I get technology is cool and all, I mean that's how you're reading this blog. But next weekend, take a stand against the man and detach. Our brains need to detox from the barrage of  information that funnels through television, social media, etc. When we give ourselves a chance to reset, that's when the magic happens. 

We all need a restful weekend every now and then, but weekends are for living...I mean REALLY living. So don't forget that and take advantage of your opportunity to explore!

Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copywriter

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