3 Tenets of a Happy Cow

When you’re hangry at the office would you say you produce your best work? Nope. People need the right conditions to flourish. Cows are no exception – here at Kura, these are our babies, and we strive to establish a purely symbiotic relationship. You can trust that our Happy Cow Promise is more than mere semantics, it’s our lifeblood.

Let Them Run Free!

The OG of humane dairy farming, Kura is proud to call New Zealand home. Grass fed and pasture raised, we ensure our cows are free to frolic to their hearts’ content. Our country is one of the few places in the world where cows can graze year-round, and the only country that gets 2,000+ hours of natural sunlight every year. Cows who have unhindered access to grass and sunlight produce milk with higher levels of omega 3s, CLA fats, Vitamin E & Beta Carotene.

Holistic Lovin’

Look an animal in the eye, and you will see its soul. Cows are sentient beings, they FEEL.  Their emotional well-being is just as much a part of their health. We forge a deep bond with our cows based on respect, love and compassion.  Yes, we all need food to function, but what’s life without some lovin’? 

1-On-1 Attention 

Our pastures are the Om of the farming world.  Our furry friends roam free, the farmers know each cow by name and provide the one-on-one attention they deserve. We know their personalities, their preferences, their patterns, and their emotions (it’s adorable, I know).

Each cow dons a lightweight collar so that we can track their heart rate and blood pressure and quickly identify whenever they’re stressed or unhappy (which is rare!). Our constant care allows us to tap into their well-being 24/7. Whether it’s 2 a.m. or 2 p.m., our farmers immediately come out to the pasture to see why the animal may be in distress and comfort them back to good health. This process has generated a deep and trusting bond between animal and farmer.

Other than being the right thing, tracking their well-being in this way is important to us because it reduces the amount of stress hormones in our dairy products, which can affect us as consumers on a physiological level.

Plain and simple, all animals deserve to be happy. Kura will always be a steward of goodness for our furry friends.

Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copywriter

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