3 Steps To Spur Mindfulness

photo: the talented artist , Hannah

Should you be on a quest for mindfulness? Here are a few questions to ponder if you aren't sure:

  • When you get cut off in traffic, do you instantly flick the person off and wish them a life of misery?
  • Do you find yourself filling valuable time scrolling through Instagram?
  • Are you still thinking about that douchey comment Gary from marketing made at work this morning?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you aren't alone. Most of us get worked up and waste time over things that shouldn't shake us to the core. Or, we get so used to mundane, daily activities that we loose ourselves for hours in thoughtless mush. We don't have to live this way, all we have to do is be a little more mindful of our surroundings and our actions. It can truly improve the way you interact with yourself and your loved ones, and here's how to get started:

1.) Listen to your breathing

If you've ever taken a yoga class, you're familiar with Ujjayi breathing. If not, check this out. The point is to tune yourself into each inhale and exhale, filling your lungs up to capacity and then fully releasing. Most of us forget to pay attention to our breath, and don't breathe as deeply as we should. If your feeling stressed or your mind is wandering somewhere dangerous, focus on your breath. It will force you to be present and the increased oxygen will calm you mind, body, and soul. 

2.) Have your OMMM moment

Sometimes meditation seems like a lofty goal in our hectic lives. You gotta start small—set aside five or ten minutes each morning, and make this your time. Create a cozy corner or peaceful space, and sit down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, keep your core poised, relax your face, and let your tongue sit on the roof of your mouth. Begin to clear your headspace by honing in on each breath, but don't be discouraged if your mind wanders. Acknowledge it, embrace it, and resume your practice. If you'd like a guided practice there are a variety of apps you can use to get started! Our Art Director, Cassouki's, personal fave is 1 Giant Mind.

3.) Practice daily gratitude

From beautiful sunsets to our closest relationships, sometimes we take things for granted. The more in tune we are with the good in our lives, the harder it is to dwell on the negative. By deliberately thinking about the little things, we become appreciative, present, and mindful. You can start by journaling each day and writing down five things you are grateful for—be consistent and the benefits will follow. 

Start integrating these small steps into your life, and you should notice a major decrease in sudden onset black-out rage. You deserve to live your best life, and it all starts with mindfulness. 

Keep it real, 


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