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Kura is your perfect protein smoothie powder: GMO and gluten-free, with natural ingredients and no added sugar. The simple, healthy, and best way to start your day with a balanced meal.

Nutrition that fits with your life

Kura is the delicious, natural way for everyone to enjoy high quality dairy protein straight from the farms of New Zealand. Customizable for the entire family, Kura offers creative nutrition that’s perfect for everybody, every day.

  • GMO Free
  • 14g Grass-fed Dairy Protein
  • 26 Vitamins & Minerals
  • 4 Billion Probiotics*

Kura is an expert blend of nutrients

Packed with protein, probiotics, and more, Kura is the delicious way to achieve your body’s best nutrition.


Why Omega-3?

Kura has vegetarian sourced omega-3, which has been shown to support brain, eye, heart and skin health.


Why Grass-fed Dairy Protein?

One serving of Kura’s Smoothie Powder contains 14g of New Zealand grass-fed dairy protein, which is proven to have higher levels of omega-3s than grain-fed dairy protein.

Grass-Fed Dairy Protein

Why Probiotics?

Kura provides 4 billion CFU probiotics*, which can help improve digestion and lactose tolerance, as well as enhance immunity. *At the time of manufacturing.


Why Vitamins and Minerals?

Kura contains 26 vitamins and minerals that have been shown to increase energy and help support bone, hair, skin, nail, heart, and brain health.

Vitamins &

Why Antioxidants?

Kura contains the antioxidant support of Beta-carotene, Vitamins C and E, and Selenium, which are shown to help the body combat free-radicals.


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